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Johns Hopkins study finds The Golden Ratio divine proportion in human skulls. How mixtapes and sweaty workouts re-calibrated my pessimistic mindset as a teen.

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How We Affect Each Other. Christopher Bergland The Athlete's Way. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. The Neuroscience of Losing Your Train of Thought The same brain system that stops physical movement may derail thought processes.

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Train of Thought: A Closer Look at Lumosity’s Most Popular Game

Replies to my comment. When researchers looked at the brain activity of the healthy people and the people with Parkinson's when they'd been interrupted by surprising sounds, they found amped up activity around a part of the brain that scientists think plays a key role in coordination called the basal ganglia. Importantly, they were able to look even closer at the brain activity of the participants with Parkinson's who'd been interrupted by the surprising sounds.

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By focusing on a specific part of the basal ganglia called the subthalamic nucleus, or STN, which is normally responsible for translating signals from other parts of the brain to help with movement and coordination, they found that that area in particular was disrupted when the participant was surprised by a sound.

By learning more about what activates this area, the researchers hope to better understand why motor activity is sometimes suppressed in people with Parkinson's. So the next time you're interrupted by a text and completely forget what you were going to say next, you can blame your basal ganglia for responding so extremely. World Economic Forum reports may be republished in accordance with our Terms of Use.

click This article is published in collaboration with Business Insider. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.

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I accept. Global Agenda Behavioural Sciences Neuroscience What happens in your brain when you lose your train of thought? A new study published in Nature Communications nails down exactly what in the brain may be happening when interruption happens. As a result, we reframed the new Train of Thought not as a problem solving game but as an attention game, specifically divided attention.

Divided attention refers to the ability to simultaneously respond to multiple tasks or task demands.

The same brain system that stops physical movement may derail thought processes.

Of course, planning ahead is still important to success in Train of Thought, especially at higher levels. We found that a lot of people seemed to get stuck around Level 8 and plateau.

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