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Extremely inspirational! Joe Salama gets it. He and those who shared their stories in the book are among the fortunate few that have learned that pretty much everything we were taught about food is wrong. Really wrong. Low fat, fat free, grain-heavy SAD diet simply perpetuates the many issues that are so prevalent in America, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Unfortunately, most of our healthcare professionals seem slower to catch on so it is an endless cycle of damage.

This book is great inspiration if you are thinking about making a change that will positively impact your physical and mental well-being. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Yes, but I split it up during my commute anyway. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend?

If so, why? No matter why you are considering a paleo lifestyle there are a number of true testimonials that will resonate with you. The health transformations cover a broad range of people at varying fitness levels, with different health conditions, and different ages. This book gives several examples of how adopting the Paleo diet has helped many different people. Anyone who listens will likely find someone who has a "before" story that is something like their own. The stories range from athletes who have improved their performance, to some that are suffering from poor health or obesity who have turned their lives around.

The contributors came from varied backgrounds and came to the Paleo lifestyle in a variety of ways. The narrators are pleasant, and the stories are each of a decent length that you can listen a few minutes here and there. This book is NOT an instructional manual, and I have seen a few people write reviews complaining because they expected recipes or dietary instructions. If your expectations are correct, you will be happy with this book. What did you like least? Some of the stories were very inspiring. Some of the exact medical issues I deal with were represented in the book.

About half of the stories made me pause though. They present paleo as a religion using terms like, "born again", "worship your body", "spiritual awakening". It was too much. I understand this lifestyle has been transforming for some, but to make a religion of it is going a bit far. It also lists tons of websites in a really annoying way. It's like a never ending commercial for blogs, websites, and Cross Fit.

Jamieson Trotter does a decent job narrating. Carrie Barton sounds like a female robot. I literally thought I was listening to a robot for the first minute or two, then realized, this is a real person. I cringed each time it was her turn to speak. Will Alex give into old temptations in the face of the current situation, or will he be able to move past everything and help those he loves the most? All the Wrong Places: A Novel by Joy Fielding Driven to desperation by divorce, boredom, infidelity and loss, four women turn to online dating for companionship, only to find themselves in the crosshairs of a tech-savvy killer.

By the best-selling author of To Die but Once. Blood Oath: A Novel by Linda A Fairstein A key witness' revelation about a sexual assault at the hands of a prominent official is complicated by rumors about a colleague's abusive conduct and another associate's violent, mysterious collapse. By the New York Times best-selling author of Deadfall.

A Dangerous Collaboration: A Veronica Speedwell Mystery by Deanna Raybourn Attending a party in remote Cornwall as a favor to a colleague, Victorian adventuress Veronica Speedwell races to uncover her host's true agenda when suspicious accidents plague the guests. Time is definitely not on her side. But with his busy hours at the police academy, there hardly seems a moment to open up to him.

No one believes him, but then he starts getting texts trying to arrange a meeting between him and Myer. While he considers the implications of recusing himself, her father becomes the prime suspect. Alex wants to help Nick and needs to help Zoey, all while trying to put the Myer case to bed for good. The Good Detective by John McMahon Struggling with his professional detachment after the death of his wife and son, once-promising detective P. Marsh is implicated in the death of an abusive man who is subsequently linked to a hate killing.

A first novel. The Last Act by Brad Parks Accepting a lucrative six-month job from the FBI, a struggling stage actor impersonates a felon to get close to the fearsome head of one of Mexico's deadliest cartels. Little Lies by Stacy Claflin He's dedicated his life to saving missing persons, but will it be enough to save himself?

Alex Mercer traded in his troubled past to protect the powerless. His blog for tracking down missing persons got his foot in the door at the police academy. But on his first day of training, a heroic act drops him into the hands of the captors he once hunted. Zoey planned to tell Alex how she felt the night he disappeared.

The Paleo Miracle 50 Real Stories Of Health Transformation

As she and Alex's family discover the bloody signs of his fate, past regrets and dark secrets begin to come to light. It's enough to tear Alex's loved ones apart. Without hope of rescue, Alex must rely on his cunning to escape captivity. In his line of work, he knows all too well that each passing hour could kill his chances of survival.

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My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing A seemingly typical suburban husband discloses the secret ways that his wife of 15 years and he keep their marriage alive and chase away domestic boredom by orchestrating creative ways to get away with murder. The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton Pursuing flight-attendant training in her desperation to reclaim her pilot ex, Juliette resorts to incrementally unstable measures, from cleaning his apartment to shopping for his groceries, in her resolve to end his relationship with another woman.

Supermarket by Bobby Hall A stunning debut novel from one of the most creative voices of our generation, Bobby Hall--a. Flynn is stuck--depressed, recently dumped, and living at his mom's house. The supermarket was supposed to change all that. An ordinary job, routine hours, a steady check. Work isn't work when it's saving you from yourself.

But things aren't quite as they seem in these aisles. Arriving to work one day to a crime scene, Flynn's world begins to crumble as the secrets of his tortured mind are revealed.

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And Flynn doesn't want to go looking for answers at the supermarket, because something there seems to be looking for him. A darkly funny psychological thriller, Supermarket is a gripping exploration into madness and creativity. Who knew you could find sex, drugs, and murder all in aisle nine? Now they're back, and they want revenge. Alex Mercer spends his spare time operating a blog for missing children - a pastime inspired by his daughter's recent disappearance. Another relative goes missing.

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As he follows up on leads coming into his site, the police department is inundated with a rash of missing persons cases. The incidents seem unrelated until evidence ties the cases to a dilapidated apartment building known for its unsavory clientele. Suspicion falls on a disbanded cult. The same cult Alex's own relatives had managed to escape from and bring down a decade earlier.

The cult leaders, recently released or escaped from prison, reassemble their members and mandate a new mission to capture and kill all those responsible for the breakdown of their community. After another loved one disappears, Alex is ready to rescue the missing people from certain death. But will he get there in time? Azure Secrets by Patricia Rice After a childhood of being tossed from foster homes for claiming she can detect liars by their scent, Fiona Malcolm McDonald does her best to conceal her secret these days.

But when she sniffs a wrongdoer and drives him off with jalapeno cheesecake, she loses still another cooking job and is homeless again. She places her last hope on her mentor in Hillvale, a town as weird as she is.

Story Time Going Vegan + 50lb Weight Loss Story + Health Benefits

Mayor Monty Kennedy has a secret too. He owns most of Hillvale but hasn't the cash to repair the only empty cabin. Still, even in his desperation, he refuses to repeat his father's sins by throwing people out of their jobs and houses just so he can have his own space. Before either of them can find a solid roof for their heads, Fiona's mentor dies - and it isn't accidental.

Determined to discover who wanted a good woman dead, Fiona camps out in Monty's cabin, setting her on a collision course with the mayor - and a killer. With the secret help of the town's spiritualists, Monty and Fiona must cooperate to solve a puzzle with only a dog, a ghost, and a seemingly useless key as clues to stop a murderous gang who stink of corruption.

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If they survive, perhaps a hot chef and a cool mayor might learn to share a roof. Second Chance Cowboy by A. Slow Ride by Lori Foster A follow-up to Driven to Distraction finds treasure hunter Ronnie Ashford struggling to maintain professional distance in her reluctant collaboration with security expert Jack Crews, who resolves to prove there is more to their relationship.

Tough Luck Cowboy by A. By the author of Second Chance Cowboy. As bold as her signature color Alice Blue, the gum-chewing, cigarette-smoking, poker-playing First Daughter discovers that the only way for a woman to stand out in Washington is to make waves--oceans of them. With the canny sophistication of the savviest politician on the Hill, Alice uses her celebrity to her advantage, testing the limits of her power and the seductive thrill of political entanglements.

Over the Fence by Mary Monroe Depression-era Southern bootleggers Milton and Yvonne Hamilton discover their neighbors are involved in dubious businesses themselves and threaten to blackmail them in order to hide their own dirty secrets, in the second novel of the series following One House Over. Sing to It: New Stories by Amy Hempel Finely tuned and brilliantly written, a heartbreaking new collection of 15 stories introduces characters, lonely and adrift, searching for connection.

From the Shadows by Jacqueline Brown Can cruelty be disguised as courage? Does safety lie in savagery? It also became fashionable to drink a whole pantheon of non-dairy milks, ranging from oat milk to almond milk. I have lactose-intolerant and vegan friends who say that eatclean has made it far easier for them to buy ingredients that they once had to go to specialist health-food stores to find. Someone who observed how quickly and radically eatclean changed the market for health-food books is Anne Dolamore, a publisher at the independent food publishers Grub Street, based in London.

Almost all of the authors of the British clean eating bestsellers started off as bloggers or Instagrammers, many of them beautiful women in their early 20s who were genuinely convinced that the diets they had invented had cured them of various chronic ailments. Every wellness guru worth her Himalayan pink salt has a story of how changing what you eat can change your life. Perhaps the best-known diet-transformation story of all is that of Ella Mills — possessor of more than a million Instagram followers. In , Mills was diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome, a condition characterised by dizziness and extreme fatigue.

By the time her first book appeared in January , her vast following on social media helped her to sell 32, copies in the first week alone.

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There was something paradoxical about the way these books were marketed. What they were selling purported to be an alternative to a sordidly commercial food industry. Yet clean eating is itself a wildly profitable commercial enterprise, promoted using photogenic young bloggers on a multi-billion-dollar tech platform.

After years on the margins, health-based cooking was finally getting a mass audience. The irony, however, was that the kind of well-researched books Dolamore and others once published no longer tended to sell so well, because health publishing was now dominated by social media celebrities.

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  5. Some would argue that, in developed nations where most people eat shockingly poor diets, low in greens and high in sugar, this new union of health and food has done a modicum of good. For this, you need something stronger. You need the assurance of make-believe, whispered sweetly. Grind this cauliflower into tiny pieces and you can make a special kind of no-carb rice! Avoid all sugar and your skin will shimmer! Among other things, clean eating confirms how vulnerable and lost millions of us feel about diet — which really means how lost we feel about our own bodies.

    We are so unmoored that we will put our faith in any master who promises us that we, too, can become pure and good. I can pinpoint the exact moment that my own feelings about clean eating changed from ambivalence to outright dislike. I was on stage at the Cheltenham literary festival with dietician Renee McGregor who works both with Olympic athletes and eating disorder sufferers when a crowd of around clean-eating fans started jeering and shouting at us.

    But underneath the brightness there were notes of restriction that I found both worrying and confused. When we met on stage in Cheltenham, I asked Shaw why she told people to cut out all bread, and was startled when she denied she had said any such thing rye bread was her favourite, she added. It was at this point that the audience, who were already restless whenever McGregor or I spoke, descended into outright hostility, shouting and hissing for us to get off stage.

    On Twitter that night, some Shaw fans made derogatory comments about how McGregor and I looked, under the hashtag youarewhatyoueat. The implication was that, if we were less photogenic than Shaw, we clearly had nothing of any value to say about food never mind the fact that McGregor has degrees in biochemistry and nutrition. To insist on the facts made us come across as cruelly negative.

    We had punctured the happy belief-bubble of glowiness that they had come to imbibe from Shaw. Amelia Freer, in Eat. Once we enter the territory where all authority and expertise are automatically suspect, you can start to claim almost anything — and many eatclean authorities do. That night in Cheltenham, I saw that clean eating — or whatever name it now goes under — had elements of a post-truth cult. As with any cult, it could be something dark and divisive if you got on the wrong side of it.

    These were outright lies. Clearly, not everyone who bought a clean-eating book has developed an eating disorder.