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No matter what the pain, problem, issue, or obstacle you face, God inside you is greater, mightier, and bigger. That does not in any way diminish the pain, the problem, the tragedy, the issue, the brokenness, the obstacle, the enemy you face. What this theme ought to communicate is that you can face whatever it is you need to face with confidence because God lives in you. False teaching in the church happened then and it happens now, and as it says in Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the sun.

Many of the same wrong influences in teaching that were happening years ago are resurfacing again today, but we do not need to be fearful. We need to know if the voices we listen to say the same thing about Jesus that the Bible says about Jesus. When we know the voice we hear is the Holy Spirit, we can trust what we hear because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth and cannot lie.

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The Living God inside you is greater than the enemy that comes against you. If you have Christ Jesus living inside you, you can test and know what is of God and what is not.

Do those voices that speak to you confess that Jesus came in the flesh, that He is the Messiah, that He died and rose again, that He alone saves and provides access to The Father? If not, stop listening to those voices.

God in the Indonesian elections - Inside Indonesia

If they are not of God have nothing to do with them. The enemy will take full advantage of our imperfections and try to capitalize on our internal feelings of guilt. We know from Romans that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, but that does not stop the enemy from whispering in our ear and trying to discourage our heart — telling us we are failures and we do not measure up.

But if we listen to the voice of God, we discover that while we are not perfect, we are being perfected. If the report of the Lord and the report of our heart disagree, we need to embrace the report of the Lord and adjust our heart to fit the facts. God knows all and if Jesus Christ is inside you, God is greater than your heart.

We are not at the mercy of the testimony of people. We can make decisions that change how we live today and where we spend eternity, simply by listening to the testimony of God that is sealed in the Spirit of Truth Holy Spirit and confirmed in Scripture.

The Holy Spirit in Us

Unlike the enemy of God, God cannot lie. All of us are undoubtedly influenced by the testimony of people, but even more important than the testimony of people is the testimony of God concerning Jesus.

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The enemy of God is also your enemy. This fable illustrates the return of political and religious identity in the lead up to the Indonesian parliamentary and presidential elections of April This started in the presidential elections when Jokowi was nominated for the first time.

Although he won the election, he suffered from a smear campaign that questioned, among other things, whether he was a genuine Muslim. When Jokowi left his post as Governor of Jakarta to take up the presidency, it opened the door for his deputy, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama Ahok , to assume the governorship. Ahok fell from his position in the Jakarta gubernatorial election in after his political opponents successfully weaponised Islamic sentiment against him.

Friday sermons were full of hate speech, and preachers even warned people that they would burn in hell if they voted for Ahok, an ethnic Chinese-Christian. Mass demonstrations were held in the city.

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It would appear that Jokowi is also playing the God card, not only to save his position as president, but perhaps also to save people like Budi from going to hell. He has met Islamic leaders, particularly from his own area of West Java, where Jokowi lost badly in They attacked Jokowi for not knowing how to pronounce the name of this chapter properly.

A general understanding is that this greeting can be used only between Muslims. They ignored the fact that there are many different opinions in Islamic literature about the greeting.



That might be too risky. Although both candidates have used the 'Islamic' card, albeit in different ways, neither side has yet backed it with substantive programs. Jokowi, with an infrastructure focus in his development program, has not provided us with a clear idea of what he is going to do regarding pesantren, Islamic banks, Islamic universities and Islamic organisations.

How can he counter radicalisation in schools and mosques?

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This remains a missing element from the current debate. The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh is one model Prabowo could adopt, but so far we have not seen any real programs for Muslims at the grassroots level. Of course the campaign still has over a month to run and these dynamics could shift again as election day draws nearer and the stakes heighten for the two camps.