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Terrors Realm by Vein. Mosh your own head off. When this EP came out, it blew me away like nothing else.

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One of the most violent and honest pieces of hardcore music ever written. Mario X Garofano.

The Agonies Of Death

Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 18, An extensive compilation of metal, hardcore, punk, and folk songs benefitting reproductive justice non-profits around the world. Take-no-prisoners metalcore with blazing riffs and aggressive vocals from this Texas group. Samsara by Venom Prison.

Byzantine - "The Agonies" OFFICIAL VIDEO (HD 2015)

The Welsh band crank out forward-thinking death metal with a hardcore-punk bent, exposing societal injustices at every turn. Glow by Old Wounds. The New Jersey outfit cast a gothic pall over hard-hitting hardcore, leaving us with a deliciously murky set of pit-starters.

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Explore music. She researches border control using criminological and human rights frameworks.

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I see this concept as a metaphor for the type of exploratory social research I particularly value and to which I am intuitively attracted as a criminological researcher. I begin by contrasting the inductive approach that is typical of exploratory research with the deductive orientation more characteristic of hypothesis testing. Exploratory approaches typically begin with a broad and open-minded examination of a topic, where premature narrowing of the theoretical gaze is deliberately avoided.

In this respect, exploratory research is closely aligned with grounded theory and flexible mixed-methods case study approaches to data collection are likely to be employed. While considerable rigour can be built into case study designs, it has been argued that exploratory research is driven more by the desire to produce original ideas than to demonstrate methodological perfection.

The Agonies.

Whereas social researchers engaged in deductive empirical research typically emphasise methodology beyond all else, exploratory researchers may give equal regard to their role as methodologists, writers and theorists — if anything, with a slight emphasis on the production of theory. Both approaches envisage the border as a set of relations or a site of struggle where processes of differential inclusion and exclusion play out. Both support breadth rather than depth in data collection, in order to identify contrasts and continuities across differing border practices.

And both approaches are intended to guide an exploratory inquiry aimed at uncovering linkages between what may appear on the surface to be unrelated bordering processes. It is a wide-ranging study comprising three mixed methods case studies, each exploring a different internal bordering practice within Australia.

The second case study explores how perceptions of belonging or not belonging can be produced and reinforced through interactions between young people from visible minorities and people in positions of authority, such as police. The final case study examines bordering practices that distinguish responsible from irresponsible citizens through the imposition of compulsory income management on certain social security recipients, notably Indigenous Australians.