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Plus, it seems to affect brain oscillations that are linked with sleep depth. Ten study participants with healthy sleep patterns underwent two sleep sessions where they were monitored using polysomnography. In one of the sessions, they slept with the lights on, and in the other, they slept with the lights off.

Reuters reported that the light came from a fluorescent lamp just a few feet away from the participants. The South Korean researchers found that when the participants slept with the lights on, they had more shallow, stage 1 sleep and less slow-wave sleep, as well as increases in arousal during sleep. There were also changes to brain oscillations, "especially those implicated in sleep depth and stability," they wrote in the study.

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However, Michael Gorman, a biopsychologist at the University of California, San Diego, who was not involved in the study, told Reuters that the light used in the study was " not like the light from your alarm clock. While this study showed the potential impact of lights during sleep, past research has also shown that lights before sleep can take a toll.

A perspective article published in the journal Nature earlier this year, written by Harvard sleep medicine professor Charles A. Czeisler, M. Czeisler highlighted the association between the rise of electric light and the rise of sleep deficiency. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an optimal sleep environment is vital to getting a good night's rest -- and that includes keeping a dark bedroom before heading off to slumberland. The National Sleep Foundation provides the following recommendations for minimizing light pre-sleep :. At bedtime, think dark: a dark bedroom contributes to better sleep.

Try light blocking curtains, shades or blinds. When the girl first underwent her growth spurt, her mother was delighted by her development, therefore paid little heed to her unnatural growth. It wasn't until she was giving her daughter a shower that she realised Dandan had developed breasts.

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After bringing her for a check-up, doctors discovered not only did Dandan's skeletal structure resemble one of a year-old's, but her ovaries had also grown bigger. As they've already missed the crucial window period, even if they were to administer treatment for Dandan, the drugs would have little to no effect. Read also Girl, 6, reaches puberty early because frequently drank bird's nest soup.

Too Much Light: Ruining Not Just Your Sleep But Your Health Too

Dandan's mother was confused about her daughter's condition. If her daughter wasn't allowed to eat fried food, supplements or soft drinks, what would have led to her precocious puberty? Further questioning about the girl's lifestyle revealed that she would always sleep with the lights on. Her mother explained that in a bid to encourage Dandan to be more independent, she has been sleeping alone since she was four.

However, as the child is afraid of the dark, she sleeps with the lights on. The girl's doctor said melatonin production in children is highest at night. By sleeping with the lights on, it disrupts the body's natural production of the hormone and suppresses it. Read also Paediatricians are seeing more children who reach puberty too early. Should osteophytes start forming, it would be too late already. Besides keeping a watchful eye over their children for signs of early puberty, parents are advised not to let their children consume too much protein and supplements, along with meat products that might have been injected with hormones.

Chinese girl, 7, experiences early puberty after sleeping with the lights on for 3 years. Rainer Cheung.

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Oct 04, Read also. Girl, 6, reaches puberty early because frequently drank bird's nest soup. Paediatricians are seeing more children who reach puberty too early.

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