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Meanwhile, the metaphrenic gains a pool of phrenic power she can use to enhance her various psychic talents. Philosopher: Epistemologers believe that true knowledge is unobtainable. They focus on what they can learn and how best to apply that education to the proper situations. Rogue: As a cannibalist, a rogue See more is able to XXX enemies, creating awful wounds as flesh is rent from bone. Veritus Champion: Introduced in volume 1 as a custom request, the veritus champion gains some new options here for his blood debt.

With a bonded item and the ability to conjure creatures and weapons, the herald of will fears no darkness as he brings his light to the world around him. In addition, we have added multiclass feats for each of the classes added to volume 2, the hybrid classes from volume 1, and most of the base classes. Eldritch organs get an upgrade this month, with some clarification added to those introduced in August and a couple new options in the form of a mad eye that can give you true seeing amongst other strange body attachments. Finally, the amygdala club smashes onto the scene with the ability to change from club to powerful scythe, both of which guard their wielder against fear.

Enwi: [placeholder art] An alien race whose wish granted them aspects of every race on their world, but which causes them to age rapidly. This forces the enwi to adapt in order to learn things like wizardry. Paleblade Assassin: Shape changing vigilantes who take the form of children to throw off their targets before they kill them outright. Revered Matrons: The benegess hopefuls are pythias with psychic gifts and a series of trials that lead prepare them to become revered matrons.

Soulbreaker Champion: This alternate take on the veritus champion gives you the ability to play a character similar to Ghost Rider or Spawn. Check out the summary below. With him, he brings two new flavors of spellcaster, and a hard counter to their magic. Philosopher: A believer in rational inquiry into areas that are outside either theology or science, the philosopher's magic touches on both without the strictures of either.

Revoker: When magic is abused by a deadly monster; when spellcasters try to control the general populace with their abundant and dangerous power, the revoker steps See more in to keep them in check. In addition, several new otherworldly patrons have been discovered to whom invokers can dedicate their pleas. Nature Warden: Two new guardian mights open up the powers of the elements and storms, while the sons of pan try not to take their defense of the natural world so seriously. Necromancer: Six new necromantic studies provide ways to play a necromancer who focuses on ancestors, bones, death shrouds, fiends, hoodoo, and even trade necromancy.

Ninja: Ninjas of the dragon legend are secretive warriors who typically wield exotic weapons imbued with the power of dragons. Feats like the Brave Little Tailor lets you craft body, chest, and shoulder slot items, and Mad Hatter, which allows you to craft head-slot items. Noble Paths: Gnomes, halflings, half-elves, and half-orcs now have noble paths they can follow as well.

Check out the summary below, and don't forget. This month's theme was decided on by our Facebook fans and Kickstarter Backers, and it is Final Fantasy. If you're a fan of this popular series of games, you'll find some wonderful nods to the concepts they introduce.

For those who require a smaller file, we have created a "light" version that sacrifices on the visuals for faster loading and reading. Please make sure to continue offering feedback on these so we can make them the best they can be by the time we're done in October.

Moggish: The chisai moggish are small sometimes Tiny humanoids who were created by the fey from animals. They use their zim zims to accomplish simple tasks, breed bokochi, and run taverns and inns. Ursaren: The enlightened ursaren of Fantas are often spiritual and worldly. Some even come from an ancient pirate heritage. Beside these world-weary fighters stand cerberan gunslingers, who can set aside their firearms and transform into chaotic beasts to fight in melee, while edgeblasters draw their gunblades and prepare to do the same.

Overseeing their guilds' operations and missions are takusu inquisitors, while red magi and Fantasian dragoons strike out at enemies in their own unique ways. Even the roguish cannibalists will join the fray if there's some new cuisine they can try. Threat feats allow you to turn a failed critical hit into a small benefit, and noble paths bridge the gap between race and convergence. Want something new and awesome to ride or drag around as an animal companion?

Check out the bokochi, which can come in a variety of different colors. Fantasian orbs take the lead in this chapter, offering 8 different categories, from magic, to archetype, to job orbs which let you trade variable multiclassing in and out for a nominal fee. Fantasian bane weapons give a stronger benefit for a narrower focus, and discovery items like the blessed bokochi feather, odin's tear, and the ultima weapon can be found if you know where, when, and how to find them. Check out the summary below, and don't forget, you can now preorder print copies of both volumes 1 and 2 through our Kickstarter.

Please let us know what you think of this option. If it seems to make the PDF too cumbersome, we'll take layers back out so it's easier to navigate again. These races include different takes on dwarves, elves, gnomes, minotaurs, trolls, and tieflings.

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See more who practice spiritualism in their frozen mountain homes. They're tough, angry little gnomes who resist fire and acid damage even while dealing it out themselves. Touched by shadow, they must master it before it consumes them. Now that they have returned, they act as diplomats for their people and practice new ways to express magic. They raise griffons and use them as companions. Forced to adapt, they lose much of their arcane ability, but gain surprising strength and feral senses. By focusing their discipline on the healing light or shadow magic, they can shield their allies while forcing their enemies to accept penance for their transgressions.

Meanwhile, pythia gain two new archetypes based on druid archetypes of similar names, and the shamans of volwryn represent themselves as champions of the elements. Swashbucklers finish out the chapter with a more bardic approach to their abilities in the buccaneer. The warg convergence allows you to control animals and divine the past through them. With experience, you can even control smarter creatures at a price.

Visit haunted mansions, world forges once used to create races, sleepy glades, and dangerous black obelisks that attract undead and bolster the brave. A total of 9 magical locations can be found in this update, with more to come in future months. Nerudes: A rotund, catlike race that prefers to sleep and eat, but will adventure in order to sleep, and eat. Dalits: This amorphous race gains the option to transform into other races for a short time, much like a certain purple monster Gamer: Do you enjoy roleplaying complex classes like the druid, kineticist, or vigilante?

Then the gamer is definitely for you. Potentialist: Don't move! From a creative prompt by fellow designer Scott Gladstein, the potentialist gets more done by staying See more still than any other. Pythia: Concept by Paul Vincent Hughes: The pythias are to druids as sorcerers are to wizards and oracles are to clerics. They are seers from another time and relative dimension; forced to adapt their gifts to the natural world to survive after being exiled by the people over whom they once ruled.

Wolf Heart: A mercenary of sorts, the wolf heart is a ranger with some alchemical knowledge related to mutagens, bombs, and extracts. He also learns a selection of specialized sigils he can create to aid him in combat.

Summon Fantasy Tactics make the illusions you summon a little more real. Witcher lets you increase your alchemical item damage. Multiclass feats for each of the current 6 classes, as well as all existing base classes have been added core class multiclass feats can be found in Volume 1. Added the astrologer spell lists for each constellation. Baptism of fire lets you burn out the evil in your friends and enemies, while detect stellar alignment tells you what constellation they may be channeling at present. Each of the Summon Fantasy Spells I through VII allow you to summon the illusion of a powerful creature that benefits you and your allies more if your enemies believe it is real.

Final Fantasy lets you do this in the event that you die. Finally, topple gives your sorcerer or wizard the opportunity to knock an enemy over before they can reach you. Even if one simply notes these orientations, it is sometimes necessary to note also their degree. Example: bust turned right seen three quarters forward A. I will not go into the description of each specific direction for several reasons that I detail here: you need to be "specialist", you must have great knowledge and experience to note these directions.

Why is it so complicated? Simply because the roman engravers were not well acquainted with the representation of perspective. And, still more, these variations intervene in their quasi completeness in the period of the low empire, exactly, to a period where the quality of typing and engraving is decreasing: one makes much more use of engravers "barbarians ", illiterate and inexperienced.

It sometimes happens, therefore, to meet the most common bust, said "seen three quarter ahead" with an emperor showing us his two shoulders forward, where in any case what it seems to be represented. These things are just clumsy engravings and are excluded from voluntary variants that are to be noted and referenced.

Moreover, where there is still a complication, it is that in order to determine these orientations, we must know our subject perfectly and know how to look at each element of the drawing, where the belt is in relation to the rest of the body. Do we see shoulder pads in part or completely? While taking into account the problems of perspective These orientations of busts are often accompanied by letters and figures, like A 1 or O etc These references refer to books, most of the time to the Roman Imperial Coins RIC I will detail these references below in the article through a chapter dedicated to it.

Be careful though, everyone has their own reference books, if you describe an orientation via a letter and a number, remember to note the book you are referring to. Otherwise you risk creating confusion if the reader thinks of another book. Finally, we must also distinguish the clothes, for example a consular dress of a simple drapery. The emperor can be dressed in a toga as we often see on the reverse of a coin. Below, a consular habit found on the obverse with the portrait of Emperor Constantius II and on the reverse as a whole with the emperors Constantius II and Constans, both in consular dress.

I will detail here the main objects held by an emperor, knowing that he can hold several at the same time. Likewise, in addition to objects, we can see a horse, a hand I speak on the side of the coin to the portrait of the emperor obverse. Otherwise, the emperor may appear on the reverse of a coin, usually standing, with the entirety of his visible body, holding, for example, a standard, a spear We can also see him on horseback, in a chariot , seated Here is a list of the main objects held by the emperor that you often meet:.

The scipio is a kind of scepter with an eagle represented at its top. The parazonium is a small sword. We note here that for example, a globe can be surmounted by a statuette. Here are some photos, showing you these objects:. The emperor Constantius II holding a nicephore globe because there is a statuette of victory on the globe with the right hand and a sword with a handle in the shape of an eagle's head in the left hand. Here are the main objects that we meet.

Other elements such as an olive branch can be added. Small precision, the coins of the mint of Lyon lugdunum can show a globe more a big ball than a globe, because the globes are often decorated with lines and points as they represent the world at the base of the portrait. It is not an object, it is something like a fancy. The legends are in Latin, therefore it is quite difficult to clear some words if you have no knowledge in Latin. However I will give you some keys to successfully read these legends correctly.

Note also that these legends are read in the direction of clockwise and sometimes they are retrograde. Retrograde legends are commonly found in the first and second century. All the legends of the obverse give the name of the emperor or empress. A "U" is a "V" in Latin. Now that you know this, look for these letters and then go back to get the name of the emperor. If you use my image search engine, you have already identified this emperor, so you can delimit the other words around his name.

Now you are facing a problem: abbreviations. Here is the abbreviation in bold, the full name and its meaning:. The engraver probably had to take into account the space available and ensure that the legend was provided and went from one end to the other. The more titles the emperor has, the more legends use short abbreviations. The legends of the reverse also have noted titles.

S C is the most common of abbreviations noted on the reverse. We see these two letters generally in the field of the coin and very often on the setertii. Do not confuse S C with Sestertius, it has nothing to do. Pay attention. For the reverse, think of the names of allegories and deities first. The list of allegories and deities is present below in this article with a chapter devoted to them.

Also, I listed the other representations as well as the associated legends. To be complete, it should be noted that some coins are called "anepigraph" because they have no legend to the obverse or the reverse. There may be words inscribed inside a shield or other element of the drawing too.

Now let's go to marks. We are talking here about mint marks. These marks are the subject of a complete article. The mint marks are abbreviations of the name of the mint and mostly present on the reverse side to the exergue, below the ground line. We also see letters or symbols in the field of the coin that designate the issue, exactly, the serial strike phase of this type of coin here is a perfect example of my remarks on the use of the word " type "at the beginning of the article.

The position of the officina letter may vary and be in the field, most often in the case and at the beginning or end of the exergue mark. Sometimes other letters are added: SM for sacra moneta, M for moneta and OB for obryza gold cup with which one verified the title of gold. S M for sacra moneta and ANT for Antioch, following a delta or alpha for example, thus designating the officina.

Eastern letters work on the same principle: A , B , , All this serves for issue control. Who hit what, when and how much. Here is an example of coin with marks in the field on the obverse and on the reverse side as well as a mark in the exergue:. Let's analyze this coin.

On the obverse, we have the letter A and in the field on the right. The heavy series has only the letter A and the light weight, A and. So it's a light weight series. Here these two marks have nothing to do with the mint. The symbols around it are used to identify the issue we know, at the moment, a little about the operation of these symbols. Finally the A in the field is also a mark but is not related to the mint. This may depend, on some coins these letters in the field are related to the mint and other letters are linked to a "series" struck to summarize simply.

The chapter "The mints and their marks" below, greatly complements the subject and shows you the main marks and especially recurring abbreviations used for each workshop. At the very beginning, the first coin was the liberal As, it was in bronze and theoretically weighed a Roman libra pound, actually much less grs. It was divided into duodecimal fractions semi, triens, quadrans, sextans, uncia.

In Rome, in AD, the silver coin appears. Under the republic the coins were struck with the effigy of divinities, then one made the habit to vary their effigies. Here is the evolution of the Roman monetary system:. A commission of three members, the tresviri monetales, was in charge of the control of the strike, hence the reason for the presence of the letters S C on the Sestertii.

Under the empire, they only had the control of the coins in non-precious metals, gold and silver being under the control of the emperors. From Augustus the coins are in the effigy of the emperor. The As, which had not been struck in the first century, resurfaced. The Sestertius is now brass.

Initially billon silver alloy, bronze it will lose virtually all of its silver capacity in the middle of the third century. From the beginning, until the empire, the weight of metal decreases constantly, the As goes from grs to , 27 grs then 9 grs, to finish at 2. The denarius contained less and less silver.

For gold the Aureus goes from 8 grs to 7. For the duration of the empire, ordinary coins are the Aureus, the Golden quinarius or half Aureus, the silver denarius and the silver quinarius. There are multiple or large pieces of gold, silver and bronze called medallions or multiple , very few because these coins were given as "honorific" to some people high up to thank them. These are therefore prestige strikes more than coins. The reform of Diocletian in :. The Aureus gold The Argenteus silver 3 grams. The Follis or Nummus silvery bronze Constantine the Great, then completely reformed the monetary system of the empire and created in gold :.

These coins persisted under the Byzantine Empire. The barbarians continued to strike the gold coins created by Constantine. Among the Merovingian Franks there is the "gold sou", the third of penny gold and the half siliqua or silver denarius. There is also Argenteus, Argenteii in the plural in :. Other types of coins exist, such as the silver Cistophor, the Hemissarion, the Hemidrachm, the Double Sestertius.

We are talking about several monetary systems, for a period of one millennium. Making a list of all types, with a conversion table, proves to be very complicated. The Romans adapted according to the region with the coins already in circulation. So there were several parallel monetary systems. How to differentiate a denarius and antoninian? This is probably the question you ask yourself, it's simple: the denarius shows a laurel wreath and the antoninian a radiate crown. For women, the bust is placed on a crescent if it is an antoninian.

This part lists most attributes of the main allegories, without going into the details provided. These details, you can find them in antoher article. More an image than an allegory. Right hand raised towards his face. Can hold two objects at a time. Sometimes holding an olive branch or a cup. May also have a wheel at his side. Sometimes with a coat. May also have an altar at his feet.

It will designate the coin from a certain period, it is Juno Moneta, from where the temple of Juno.

Shattered Crowns Trilogy

Cornucopia, caduceus also, regular variants. Sometimes in front of an altar of sacrifice. Can be seated. Sometimes sitting on a chair, can be leaning on a column, cross leg. Raising her dress. The palm symbolizes a victory in games. Generally the emperor. Coated with a cuirass and a parazonium, the parazonium is a short sword attached to a belt.

This object is more a distinction for the superiors officers than a weapon, is on the left side. While the soldier's sword was on the right, the gladius. Their car is ambushed by some mysterious attackers who kidnap Richard Cole but Matt escapes. Upon hiding from the ambushers, Matt discovers a boy of his age known only as Pedro, who it is revealed is another Gatekeeper. Matt decides to go to the hotel after all but was ambushed by the Peruvian police force, led by Captain Rodriguez, who viciously attacked him.

Escaping with some cracked ribs, Matt managed to travel to Pedro's home, where he learned of Pedro's past and the situation of the poor Peruvians. Matthew was sent, with Pedro, to travel to Cuzco, where they would find aid. Eventually, they gained the friendship of the local Incas, and traveled to the city of the Incas where Matt found Richard Cole, who had been kidnapped by the Incas prior to Matt's travels. Matt journeys upland where he meets Professor Joanna Chambers and learned the location of the second gate, and also he learned that Salamanda had a base in the desert. Matt, Richard, the Incas and Pedro attacked the base, disarming the headquarters and attempting to disarm the satellite which Salamanda was using to awaken the Old Ones.

It was during this battle that Fabian is revealed as the traitor. He was an author in Salamanda's employment as Salamanda was his publisher before joining The Nexus. Since their plan to stop the satellite had failed, Matt and Pedro are flown to Salamanda's main base of operations, in the desert but their helicopter is shot at and they crash, killing the pilot, Atoc. Although he killed Salamanda, the great gate, hidden in the Nazca Desert, unlocked.

However, he manage to wound the King of the Old Ones, Chaos, severely using his powers. But the Old Ones triumphed and walked upon the Earth once again, meaning they could conquer Hong Kong and hurl Matt into a coma, as displayed in Evil Star and Nightrise. They defeat Matt and leave him to die.

However, Richard and Professor Chambers arrive. Matt is about to die, but Pedro returns from hospital and uses his power, faith healing, at the last minute and revives Matt. Matt only makes two very brief appearances in Nightrise: in a flashback when he was left to die in the desert and Richard Cole rescues him, and at the end of the book when he and Pedro meet Jamie and Scott Tyler at Professor Chambers's hacienda.

His past self also appears in Nightrise when Jamie is sent back into the past, at approximately BCE. Matt is reading a newspaper article about a girl called Scarlett Adams who had been missing for a day after walking through a door in Saint Meredith's Church in London, England. This is the same Church and door that Matt walked through in Evil Star, and as only the five Gatekeepers can travel through that door with one companion each , and 24 other doors around the world that take them around the world.

Matt knows that Scarlett is the fifth and final Gatekeeper but so do the Old Ones. However, before this happens and whilst Matt and the others are still in Peru, they are visited by a man named Ramon who claims to have worked for Diego Salamanda before, but knew nothing about him working for the Old Ones. Then zombies attack the house, killing Ramon, attacking the four Gatekeepers, the Professor and Richard and setting the house on fire.

Pedro and Scott go back to Vilcabamba to stay safe. They arrive to find out from Scarlett's housekeeper, Mrs Murdoch, that Scarlett's father has rushed her to Hong Kong on apparent "urgent business". Matt is very disappointed by this news and he, Jamie and Richard have a meeting with The Nexus where Matt finally discovers the Old Ones' plan. Matt realizes that the Old Ones want the Gatekeepers to have the diary, so that they can discover where the doors are around the world, and use the door in St. Meredith's Church to get to Hong Kong, via the door at Tai Shun Temple, so The Old Ones can capture them once they step through the door and torture them, whilst they take over the world.

Lee, a member of the Nexus, reveals he has a friend in Macau who can take them to Hong Kong via boat. They travel to Macau and meet Han Shan-tung, who is the leader of the White Lotus triad, he tells them to meet his son, Lohan, once they arrive in Hong Kong. Matt is separated from Jamie and Richard when they arrive in Hong Kong, after Nightrise Corporation attack their boat. Matt is forced to walk the streets alone. In the streets is a thick smog that smothers Hong Kong and suffocates its residents, later killing them. This is the Old One's plan to turn Hong Kong into a necropolis, a city of the dead.

Matt sees people dead or dying on Hong Kong's streets.

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He even sees some of the creatures that broke out of the Nazca Lines such as a horse with a knife struck through its head like an evil unicorn. Matt then remembers what the Nexus told him about where Scarlett's father, Paul Adams, lives, an apartment building called Wisdom Court and decides to visit him. Matt discovers that Paul is worried sick about Scarlett. The next morning The Chairman of Nightrise kills Paul, captures Matt and takes him to where Scarlett is being held hostage: Victoria Prison, as an attempt to humiliate two of the Gatekeepers.

The pair meet and exchange stories whilst a heavy storm begins in Hong Kong, but it is no coincidence. Scarlett's power is to control the weather and she has accidentally caused a huge typhoon in Hong Kong, which is growing stronger as her power is enhanced by Matt's presence. Lohan Shan-tung, Richard, Jamie and two of Lohan's men break Scarlett and Matt out of the prison they are being held captive in. Matt and Scarlett then discover the typhoon which is destroying Hong Kong.

Scarlett then manages to protect her and the others with her powers and they finally reach a temple with the magic door in, which can take them safely back to Peru and the five can be re-united. The temple is protected from the typhoon whilst Scarlett is inside. As they reach the door, Scarlett is shot by a Nightrise agent, leading the temple to collapse because Scarlett can't protect it from the typhoon while she's unconscious.

The Gatekeepers travel through the door by the storm but are separated and scattered around the world in the process. They also jump 10 years in time, during which The Old Ones along with Nightrise Corporation extend their influence throughout the world and wreak havoc. Matt is travelling with Lohan through Brazil after travelling through the door in Hong Kong. Matt is sold as a slave by Lohan and then rescued. After the third time, when Matt is sold to a drug dealer, they decide to travel south.

Matt falls asleep and visits the Dreamworld, there he visits the Library and asks the Librarian for his story, to know what will happen in the end. He is horrified at reading what will happen to him, but he summons the other Gatekeepers by ringing a bell. Matt tells them that he knows what will happen but does not reveal anything else, he tells them to get to a door and travel to Oblivion, Antarctica.

The doors are locked but he tells them that they will know when to travel. Lohan sells Matt for a fourth time but they are both taken as slaves to a gold mine. Matt comes down with a fever and is too ill to use his powers to escape. When Matt is recovering, they initiate their escape when Matt collapses the mine tunnels and breaks the ladders causing mass panic.

Matt and Lohan travel towards the helicopter pad, Lohan decides to desert him and travel away. Matt senses this and comes after him, Lohan changes his mind and they fly to Oblivion. They meet the commander of the World Army, the human army opposing the Old Ones. The commander wants to attackt the Old Ones' palace, but it is all a ruse and the World Army is overrun. Only Matt holds the Old Ones' minions back. Scott arranges to meet Matt at Skua Bay, after sending a man called Omar, with a note.

Matt knows that it is a trap because he read his life story in the Dreamworld, and although everyone else convinces him not to go, he says he will meet him. Richard insists on accompanying him. They meet Scott at Skua Bay and it is a trap, the fly soldiers lined the ice cliffs turning them black and they swarm and turn into soldiers, capturing Matt and Richard. Matt tells Scott that he knew it was a trap, and Scott is bitter and confused but Matt tells him that it was always Scott who would save the world.

Matt is taken away and tortured by the Old Ones and the Chairman of Nightrise. Richard is taken up to see him, and is heartbroken, but Matt mouthes something to him and Richard understands. Richard plunges the sacrificial tumi, the 'invisible sword' from the Incas, into Matt's heart, killing him. Everyone is shocked but at the same time an earthquake seems to happen. Richard fights with the Chairman of Nightrise, who is killed by falling rubble. Richard arrives out of the rubble with Matt's body. Chaos arrives as does, the Matt from the Past, and Flint, Scott from the past, who have been brought forward in time after their future selves both died.

Scott sacrificed himself to open the door and died in Jamie's arms. The Five Gatekeepers battle Chaos, who was too intent on revenge. And kill him when they each impale him with their swords, forming a five pointed star. After a celebratory dinner, the Five decide to return to the Dreamworld.

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Although Richard is heartbroken that Matt will leave, even though he is not the same Matt that he knew. Matt and the others leave travelling past Oblivion where the Dreamworld lies, in the frozen wastes. The Dreamworld seems to have healed and turns from shades of grey into colourful being. Matt meets the Librarian again, who has with him a woman, who appears to each of the Gatekeepers differently. For Matt she looks like his mother, on the day she left for a friend's wedding and when she died after their car fell off a bridge into a river. In his past life Matt was the leader of the Gatekeepers.

He alone had the knowledge of the Old Ones and how to defeat them, although the source of this knowledge seems to have from been his life story that he read in the Library. Unlike the other Gatekeepers of that period, Matt was referred to by his modern name, saying "he likes that one better". It is possible that Matt could have some kind of divine name as the past battle with the Old Ones was so long ago that myth may have been passed down depicting Matt as a god or another celestial being.

Indeed, this is highly likely as Pedro's past life, Inti, was worshiped by the Incas, in Scar's past life, she was Lin Mo, the Chinese goddess of the sea, and in Jamie and Scott's past lives, they were the Iroquois Indian gods, Sapling and Flint. One theory is that he was Ma'at, the being of order, or an Egyptian god of order, enemy of Chaos or Nun in his past life. Alternatively, it might also be possible that Matt is in some way connected to Jesus Christ with reference to his position as the leader of all gatekeepers and the prime enemy of the old ones.

In Nightrise, when Jamie is called back in time and fights in the first battle against the Old Ones, he notices that Matt had chosen for his symbol a fish which might have been a reference to the Ichthys, a symbol used by early Christians. In Oblivion, the present Matt sacrifices himself to save the world from the Old Ones. Matt is tortured while tied to a wooden frame with his arms outstretched; his hair is shaved off and his body is mutilated.

He is also given a version of the crown of thorns: barbed wire twisted around his neck. Matt is a Gatekeeper, and is a very advanced telekinetic. Matt does not have full control over his abilities and it is stated it can only work under massive desperation. When he uses his powers he sees his kitchen the morning his parents die.

However, by the fourth book, Necropolis, he has learned to use his abilities on command as he has met three of the other Gatekeepers. It is mentioned that his powers work through his belief in them. This is how he climbed the sword ladder in Necropolis. He can manipulate almost any object with his mind and was able to create energy blasts while fighting the Old Ones in Peru. He is a skilled clairvoyant, getting dreams and day-dreams that show him the future, although the future he sees is the outcome of decisions.

This means that what he sees can be changed by doing something to prevent it. His past self is a highly advanced warrior and leader, commanding absolute loyalty from his followers. According to fellow past Gatekeeper, Scar, "there's not a single man alive who wouldn't give his life for Matt. The full extent of his powers remains unknown. Towards the end of the final book, his telekenetic powers have grown to such an extent that he is almost singlehandedly able to hold his own against all thirteen of the fire riders.

At one point Matt is able to crack and push apart an Antarctic ice shelf to create a chasm " Richard Cole feels of past Matt that he [Matt] " Pedro is one of the last descendants of the Inca people who once ruled Peru. He used to live in the Peruvian highlands, near the river Chillon, until it burst its banks and drowned his whole village. Just like Matt, Pedro blames himself for having survived while his family died. Pedro travelled to Lima with several flood survivors but ended up living in a shanty town and became a beggar and a thief. Pedro recognised Matt as one of the Five as he recognises him from their dreamworld, a place between the past and future where the five receive messages, symbols and can communicate with each other, no matter their languages.

Pedro saves Matt from being beaten up by corrupt policemen and assists him in finding the second Gate at Nazca. Pedro can only speak Spanish and Matt only knows English, but in their shared dream world they speak the same language and can communicate without difficulty. He later learns basic English. Although he is closest to Matt, Pedro is paired with Scott Tyler after the five enter the doorway in the Wan Shai Temple without a destination in mind, whom he is trying to help heal until they are separated.

He is able to survive and escape imprisonment from the Old Ones by using the skills and knowledge he had gained from his life in Lima. After he is reunited with the other Five Gatekeepers and they defeat the Old Ones, Pedro enters the restored dream world with the other Five. Pedro is physically identical to Manco Capac , the son of the Sun god and one of the first founders of Incan society, according to Incan mythology.

Pedro's previous incarnation was known as Inti. This hints that Pedro's past incarnation was the Inca sun god, father of Manco Capac. His power is that of healing via Radiesthesia , and Astral projection. Jamie and Scott are orphans who, after several failed fostering attempts, ended up with an abusive guardian known as 'Uncle Don' where they were forced to work as part of a magic act in Reno, Nevada , USA.

After a performance Scott is kidnapped and both physically and mentally tortured by the sinister Nightrise Corporation at a privately owned juvenile prison called Silent Creek, in the outskirts of Nevada. Jamie is rescued by a woman of the name Alicia McGuire, who is on a quest to find her long lost son Daniel McGuire, and suspects that Nightrise had kidnapped him and many other children with paranormal abilities Daniel has a Precognition ability.

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With the help of John Trelawney, a senator going for president of the USA, Jamie creates a plan to free Scott by going to Silent Creek, a place of which Nightrise was keeping Scott which Jamie found out after seeing into the mind of a Nightrise worker. Jamie almost doesn't escape but is saved by an Incan tribe. He is too late to rescue Scott and is injured while escaping from the prison, however, he does manage to find Daniel McGuire. While he is injured and close to death Jamie is transported to the past, during the war against the Old Ones ten thousand years ago.

He learns that he and Scott are Gatekeepers, and that he has replaced his previous incarnation Sapling, who had been killed. After helping to seal the Old Ones in the past, Jamie is returned to his time, where he is able to track down Scott. Jamie arrives in time to stop Scott, who had been brainwashed into killing Senator Trelawney, in order for Nightrise's candidate, Charles Baker, to win the election.

The two of them escape through a doorway in a cave in Lake Tahoe where they were found when they were born, and arrive in Cuzco, Peru where they meet Matt and Pedro. However, Scott is still mentally damaged due to his torture and despite Pedro's healing abilities he becomes unbalanced after being separated from Jamie. When all of the Gatekeepers are scattered, Scott ends up captured with Pedro in Italy and Jamie appears alone in England. As the others work to reunite in Antarctica , the Old Ones take advantage of Scott's mental state and convince him to betray the others until Matt sacrifices himself, allowing Scott to realise the error of his ways.

To make amends Scott sacrifices himself to bring the other Gatekeepers together, after which he dies and is replaced by his previous incarnation, Flint, allowing Jamie and the other Gatekeepers to defeat the Old Ones. Jamie and Flint then enter the restored dream world with the other Gatekeepers. Jamie and Scott are identical twins and members of the Washoe tribe. Their previous incarnations are Sapling Jamie and Flint Scott. Jamie and Scott have the power of astral projection and Telepathy including mind control , particularly between each other, at times exhibiting Morphic resonance.

Scarlett is the fifth Gatekeeper. She appears to be Eurasian, or completely Asian, but was adopted by Europeans and lived in Dulwich. Her parents divorced and moved to other countries, leaving Scarlett behind to complete her studies. Scarlett is first found by the Old Ones when she goes through one of the doorways in St Meredith's Church while on a school trip, and ends up in the Cry For Mercy in Ukraine , where she is captured by a monk who tells her the story of who she is, and makes a narrow escape.

Her father, Paul Adams, worked for the Nightrise Corporation and forced Scarlett to fly to Hong Kong to see him, saying that a crisis had arisen, although it was a trap as the Old Ones had control of the city and knew she was a Gatekeeper. However, Scarlett was able to escape temporarily with help from a man called Lohan and a group of Triads known as the White Lotus. The Triads also try to smuggle Matt and Jamie into the city, but they were betrayed and separated.

Matt and Scarlett were both captured and held prisoner by the Nightrise Corporation, but escaped with help from the White Lotus triads during a powerful typhoon that Scarlett had unconsciously summoned. The two of them narrowly avoid becoming unknowing suicide bombers and head to Dubai where they hope to find a plane to take them to Antarctica where they can reunite with the other Gatekeepers. They rescue the pilot of an airbus from the mad king of Dubai and are the first of the Five to arrive at Oblivion, Antarctica. After the defeat of the World Army at Oblivion, Scarlett and Lohan sneak into the Old Ones' fortress and find Scott, but are unable to stop him from sacrificing himself.

Once the Old Ones are defeated, Scarlett joins the other Gatekeepers in the restored dream world. Scarlett bears a strong resemblance to and is described by some as Lin Mo , the Chinese goddess of the sea. Her previous incarnation, also called Scarlett but known as Scar, found Jamie when he was transported to the past. Scarlett has the power of Weather manipulation , including forecasting , as well as astral projection. Richard is Matt Freeman's guardian after Raven's Gate. He worked as a journalist for a small newspaper before he got fired.

When the five get separated after going through the door in Hong Kong Richard follows Scarlett and vows to protect and stay with her. At oblivion, when the Old Ones are torturing Matt they take Richard up to the podium so Matt can watch Richard be killed, but using the knife the Inca's gave him he kills Matt, to save him from a lifetime of torture. Richard ends up in a small village with Holly, married and with one son that he called Matt. It is thought that when he dies he will live in the dream world.

Lohan appears in the 4th and 5th books of the series, Necropolis and Oblivion. In Oblivion, he is with Matt in Brazil, where he sells Matt to become a slave, takes the money, and rescues him. He almost abandoned Matt at a gold mine to save himself, but Matt stops him. Holly appears in the 5th book of the series, Oblivion. She accompanies Jamie Tyler after the society she lives in is burnt down by the police in an attempt to kill the inhabitants. With help from the 'Traveler' they escape to London.

At Oblivion, Antarctica she shoots a series of bullets into Chaos.

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Noah appeared in the 1st book of the series, Raven's Gate. He is Mrs Deverill's farmhand. He can't speak properly and takes a dislike to Matt. It is believed that he has mental problems. At the end of the novel he dies when he is killed by his own sickle plunging through his stomach when he falls through the top floor of the barn made by Matt. He is fat and greasy, according to him. George appears in the 5th book of the series, Oblivion. He is one of the Villagers. He lived with Rita, John and Holly in Oblivion.

break me slowly the shattered series book 1 Manual

He works at the local village bakery. George is at home when Holly comes in to tell them about Jamie Tyler. When Jamie comes to stay at Rita and John's house, it appears that George is jealous of him and the attention. He doesn't talk to him. At school, Jamie and George get into a fight, after George apparently goads Jamie.

When Miss Keyland calls the police about Jamie, they round up the Villagers in the square. When no one knows where Jamie is, the police kill everyone. However George manages to escape but is shot in the process.