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I have an electrical outlet inside with a small night light, and an outlet outside for Christmas lights. There is a multicolored lamp on the ceiling that went perfectly with the color scheme. I used clear acrylic tubes to make a feeder and waterer so that I could check the levels right away. They look futuristic and attractive. The two nesting boxes are easily accessible from the outside. Our chickens use the bottom nesting box about five times as often as the upper nesting box. At night they all crowd together on the roosting bars.

I designed this coop with the idea of having about six comfortable, pampered chickens. I let Emily and Sam help as much as possible, and they signed it with their hand prints. Building this took two full weekends. The coop became a local attraction for our friends and neighbors.

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Just the fact that we have chickens in the city shocks and awes people. We are too happy to have them hold a chicken for the first time, and take home colorful eggs. When we had a baby shower at our house, we used the chicken coop as a centerpiece and decorated with matching colors and decor.

This set a vibrant, lighthearted tone to this special event. As far as chicken coop ideas go, we got a lot of mileage out of this one! Some of our well-meaning friends suggest I get out of practicing medicine and go into business manufacturing chicken coops and coming up with more cool chicken coop ideas.

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That might be a nice hobby, but I love my work and most people would not want to pay what I would need to charge to make this a profitable enterprise. I put in a dust bath local beach sand mixed with diatomaceous earth , and a feeder with oyster shell and grit.

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I feed the chickens organic feed and vegetarian treats. I thought squirrels were eating my garden strawberries and lettuce, until I caught Emily sneaking them to the chickens. We had one meeting so far at our house and it was a blast for both the parents and the kids. These chickens have been a joy, outstanding pets. They are comical to watch and are ravenously grateful when they are given treats.

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They give us pretty eggs that are delicious. All of this is wonderful. He has lived in Manhattan Beach for seven years. Your email address will not be published. Categories : Coops Tags : a and backyard-chickens backyard-poultry backyard-poultry-magazine build-your-own-chicken-coop chicken chicken-coop chicken-run coop cut dust-bath eating egg eggs essential-oils experience for friendly growing happy hole how how-to how-to-build-a-chicken-coop in list make most nesting-boxes outside owning-chickens pictures-of-chicken-coops poultry poultry-magazine that the to what wooden-gates.

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