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UNIT-II: Harmonic Oscillations Mechanical and electrical simple harmonic oscillators, Complex number notation and phasor representation of simple harmonic motion, Damped harmonic oscillator: heavy, critical and light damping, Energy decay in a damped harmonic oscillator, Quality factor, Mechanical and electrical oscillators, Mechanical and electrical impedance, Steady state motion of forced damped harmonic oscillator, Power observed by oscillator. UNIT-III: Waves in one dimension Transverse wave on a string , The wave equation on a string , Harmonic waves, Reflection and transmission of waves at a boundary, Impedance matching , Standing waves and their Eigen frequencies, Longitudinal waves and the wave equations for them, Acoustic waves and speed of sound, Standing sound waves.

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Zahid Notes is a place where you can find study material for all classes. A Membrane structure and function Structure of model membrane, lipid bilayer and membrane protein diffusion, osmosis, ion channels, active transport, membrane pumps, mechanism of sorting and regulation of intracellular transport,electrical properties of membranes. As always, if Our volunteer link is up and working on our classnotes page. C Programming Notes. Biological classification is the process by which scientists group living organisms.

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To be an academic unit devoted to the dissemination of knowledge, from an interdisciplinary perspective, to empower the students of Engineering and Management. Enhance the employability of the students by providing training in Communication Skills, Soft Skill and Personality Development. It consists of well equipped Engineering Physics Lab. Interactive Communication skills lab with supporting audio visual equipments.

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