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He has taught over yoga classes and facilitated another workshops, events, and retreats. He brings a contagious enthusiasm and love for the gift of yoga, sharing it as a way to connect with you Higher Self. He supports all that have a desire to wake up and have a direct experience of the Truth for them Self. Work Location s : Sarasota, Florida. Email: anna apathofbeauty. Emails: christine breathgroup. Business Website s : breathgroup. I knew instantly that I would learn how to share this breathwork for health and wellness. I see people of all ages, individuals, couples, partners and work with groups.

My specialty is in energywork, breathwork and mindfulness as complimentary medicine. Emails: zelda. Work Location s : Jupiter, Florida. Email: dr. Email: alvabreathes gmail. They include a detailed breath analysis, Coaching towards finding your intentions, desires, and goals while working with the breath. We are building a community of conscious breathers here in SWFL!

Join Us. I have been deeply connected and involved with in the foundation ever since. Work Location s : Jacksonville area, Florida. Email: healerone bellsouth. Business Website s : healeronejax. Carol was truly led to study Transformational Breath in with Judith.

Transformational Breath aligns extremely well with the principles of Brennan Healing Science and so is a wonderful addition to Ms. Meyer's practice. Work Location s : Entire State Florida. Emails: InfinitePresence rocketmail. Email: mrankovic yahoo. Work Location s : Southern Florida, Florida. Email: triley gmail. Terry is found in South Florida Fall through Spring and centered in the Boston, Massachusetts area the remainder of the year. I was introduced to Transformational Breath in and in began the process of becoming a Certified Facilitator and Trainer.

This simple process of opening the breath has had wonderful and positive changes for me and for my clients; increased energy, better physical health, more mental and spiritual clarity, joy and inner peace. I offer individual and group sessions. In addition, I have practiced and taught meditation for over 30 years. Email: carriesopko gmail. Profile: Please visit website for more about Carrie. Work Location s : Naples, Florida. Email: KathleenStrong msn. Profile: Retired from the educational field after 33 years. Emails: iamthatiam97 gmail. Email: Shaunnaspeaks gmail.

Profile: Shaunna Williams, The Mystical Minister sets women free from body shame through spiritual awakening. Shaunna began her spiritual journey as a kid and studied many different denominations of the church and as she got older she began to lean towards a universal approach to God and spirituality through different avenues such as meditation, reiki and studying outside of Christian religion such as Buddhism. While diving deep into her spiritual journey, simultaneously she was deep in her profession as a fitness expert, she started her fitness training in Shaunna specializes in body consciousness and transformational coaching, breathwork, spiritual teachings, energy healing, movement practices and shifting the story of shame in women.

Shaunna has supported in setting many individuals free over the years from their own imprisonment. Shaunna is an expert through educational , professional and personal experience. She combated addictions in many forms and after getting in recovery she still experienced the suffering of the mind and how shame can affect the body.

Through work, mentors, programs, spirituality and willingness Shaunna blazed from this hell and created a movement. Shaunna studied social work at Lipscomb University, spent eight years working in substance abuse and mental health, is an ordained minister and has coached hundreds of women since She holds several certifications and trainings in alternative therapy modalities such as adept training, reiki, motivational interviewing, transformational coaching, etc.. She is driven daily to set every woman free from the prison that body shame can create.

She wants each individual to remember their divine perfection and to live a joyful life. Emails: lily aldebaranassociates. Profile: Always an entrepreneur, Lily left the corporate world after 30 years to pursue her dream of being a clearing for people to heal through the awareness that everything is energy. Her son now runs the company out of San Diego, California, freeing Lily to really make her dream a reality. She is passionate about helping humanity remember who we are and why we are here. She is a natural-born leader and life-long lover of peace and harmony, and her company, "New World Harmony" is a perfect expression for what Lily is all about.

She also recently co-created "The 8th Chakra Company" with a business partner. She is a writer and speaker and is about to publish her first two books. Email: asardina0 gmail. Govinda also works in Canada. Work Location s : Entire State Hawaii. Email: daniel danielaaron.

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Indonesian. Profile: Vibrant Life Coach, leader, writer, teacher, father, yogi — has dedicated his life to understanding the human patterns that create suffering, how to change, and has led thousands of people to live brighter more, fulfilled lives. Daniel first trained directly with Judith Kravitz in Transformational Breath in , and then assisted her before his own work and service skyrocketed and led him to lead Breath workshops and much more.

Traveling, teaching and coaching around the world and for the last many years at his center in Bali, Daniel helped thousands of people to change their lives. His experience includes decades of yoga with the modern masters; ruthless personal and spiritual development; radical therapies, trainings and mentorships with enlightened teachers; his own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of his own commitment to kindness, authenticity and masterful service; single fathering a 11 year old angel; and founding, running and selling businesses.

Emails: jbrown angel-wellness. Profile: I started my journey with the Transformational Breath back in I was searching for love and the answers to everything outside of myself. No one understood my health conditions, including health professionals and I was receiving no answers. The only answers was a prescription to numb me to the point of just existing. I ended up leaving a successful career as an Insurance Claims Manager to focus on improving my health.

I read Judith Kravitz' book, "Breath Deep, Laugh Loudly" and went to a breath workshop and was able to experience pure bliss, joy and love just by breathing correctly. I realized I didn't have to go outside of myself and all I had to do was breath and to have the awareness of how I was breathing.

Transformational Breath brought me back into myself and my truth just by changing the way I breath. I have been using Transformational Breath for managing my own health conditions and now want to share my experiences with all. I want everyone to know that they can heal themselves and find the peace, love, joy just by breathing and going within. Emails: mmsmth gmail. Profile: Mark is also available in Spokane, Washington. Illinois Map. Work Location s : Oak Brook, Illinois.

Email: kim breathrising. Profile: Kim is a deeply spiritual person who has made healing and fostering her connection to herself and to God her lifelong journey. Having struggled with depression, anxiety, negative thinking, additions and repressed memories, Kim understands the journey.

Loss of self was her greatest hurdle. Kim has truly lived her own healing journey and is now compelled to share this powerful work with others. She brings a deep empathy and compassion to this work and to her clients. Work Location s : Entire State Illinois. Email: mrondenet bloomingrosehealing. Johnson St. Madison, WI Email: omyogini yahoo. Profile: Aubree Saia is a gifted hands on healer and a passionate yogini. Work Location s : Entire State Maine.

Email: info respiremos. Profile: Eugenia has a degree in Psychology and had a professional practice for several years in her native Mexico. Her need to find more effective and powerful techniques to help others create the life they desire, brought her to Transformational Breath. She is a kind and warm teacher with powerful coaching skills. Her ability to connect with people and guide them in their path of growth has changed many lives.

She is currently the TBF Curriculum Coordinator and travels with Judith Kravitz around the world, teaching and sharing this life-changing technique. Work Location s : Southern Coast, Maine. Emails: Bethanyhow gmail. Business Website s : Bringingbreath. Her strong gift in compassionate coaching adds a powerful tool to guide others in making the deep transformations they desire. New Hampshire coastal area. Email: rdleavitt56 hotmail. Profile: Rob has been a Transformational Breath Facilitator for over 20 years.

He has led workshops and supports trainings throughout the USA and Mexico. Massachusetts Map. Work Location s : Newton, Newburyport, Massachusetts. Work Location s : Entire State Massachusetts. My Company: Boston and Southern Florida. Profile: I am fortunate to have had a successful career as a business and marketing consultant.

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Email: heirloombaby comcast. Michigan Map. Marcia F. Work Location s : Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Email: mbailey tm. Profile: Marcia is absolutely passionate about breathwork and has been involved with Transformational Breath for over 6 years, as well as with various forms of related connected breath since Marcia finds Judith Kravitz's brilliant additions to the connected breath fabulous and she loves sharing Transformational Breath with others.

She finds Transformational Breath to be a wonderful way to support others in staying connected to Source. Work Location s : Cedar, Michigan. Email: kbhands centurytel. I am a highly motivated and dedicated individual in the area of humanities, education, and alternative health care therapies. I have boundless energy and enthusiasm for my work. I am conscientious and strive for creativity and effectivness. I have a natural zest for life and an appreciation and love for others. Julie M. Email: jlwolcott ymail. Business Website s : BreatheAnnArbor. Profile: With over 35 years of counseling and psychotherapy experience, more than 15 years practicing and teaching yoga, plus working in the last seven years as a yoga therapist Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Thai Yoga Therapy Massage , Julie brings several healing modalities to her facilitating breath work with others.

Her compassionate wisdom and keen intuitive skills enables her to ably coach her clients in their own transformational and self-healing journey. Julie has a breathwork practice in the Ann Arbor, Michigan community. Minnesota Map. Paul Area. Work Location s : Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota. Email: stan berrywritinggroup. Work Location s : Entire State Minnesota. My Company: BreathTechology St. Paul, MN Email: Tony breathtechology. Missouri Map. Work Location s : St. Louis, Missouri. Louis, MO Email: shelbycorson gmail. Louis County. Louis County, Missouri.

Email: andreakallaus gmail. Profile: Andrea began breathing in After experiencing personal and profound life changes thru the breathwork, she wanted to share this self-empowering gift with others. Work Location s : Willard, Springfield, Missouri. Email: sherrylr yahoo. I only had 3 classes there, but by the 3rd class, I knew I had to learn and share this work.

I knew I needed it for myself, but I also knew I would be sharing this with others. I signed up for the first seminar I could get in the following month here in the US and continued with the classes until I got my Facilitator Certification about a year later. This has been the most satisfying and rewarding, magical and reverent work I've ever had the opportunity to experience or share. Montana Map.

Work Location s : Western region, Montana. I realized I didn't have to go outside of myself and all I had to do was breathe and to have the awareness of how I was breathing. Transformational Breath brought me back into myself and my truth just by changing the way I breathe. Work Location s : Stateline, Nevada, Nevada. New Hampshire Map. Phone: Email: info transformationalbreath. Profile: As the developer of the Transformational Breath process, and Executive Director of the Transformational Breath Foundation, one of Judith's gifts is her unsurpassed ability to analyze and correct any restricted breathing pattern.

Her book, "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly" is the ultimate breather's manual. As our most Senior Trainer, Judith spends most of her time traveling the world spreading the joy of breathing, mostly producing every type of TBF Training, as well as occasional Workshops. Many thousands have experienced her unconditional love as shown through her teaching around the world.

Don't miss an opportunity to share in her wisdom. Email: lornabreathe hotmail. I have worked in the fitness industry, healing arts and service industry my whole career. I was in a car accident 4 years ago that left me with some physical disabilities and I can no longer do the physical work I use to do. My hope is to work as a Counselor and facilitate people's healing towards wholeness.

Astrology is fascinating and a very powerful tool in assessing someones personality and behaviors. I am very excited about this new journey and looking forward to working with clients. Not knowing what was next. Sometimes we just don't know what our lives will look like down the road. That's okay. If the answer is I don't know.

I have learned to say it clearly, accept it and be at peace with not knowing. Sometimes the reason we don't know is something is coming that is going to be different from anything we've ever experienced before. Even if we knew, we couldn't relate to it because its that new and different.

It's a surprise. Sometimes we don't know because it would be too different, too confusing for us at that time. It would take us out of the present moment, out of feeling what we need to feel in that moment. Knowing would also make us afraid. Put us on overload. Take us away from now. Sometimes our souls know, but its just not time for our conscious minds to know yet. Sometimes knowing would take us out of the very experience we need to go through to discover the answer we're looking for and the person we've yet to become.

And sometimes the process of learning to trust the process of going through an experience and coming to trust that we will ultimately discover our own truth, is more important than knowing. The process of going through a challenging experience and moving from what we don't know to what we are to learn is a process that can be trusted. This is what I had to learn to do, is trust. Trust this process of growth. It's how we grow and change. It's ok not to know what's next or how things will turn out.

It's ok to move into slowly knowing. The lesson is trusting that we'll know when it's time what the reason for the experience was. My car accident was a tremendous gift. In the moment of it I didn't think so. All I could think about at the time is what was taken from me, but when in reality, I was given so very much. New Jersey Map. Email: buster. Profile: With this amazing work I have overcome a serious lung condition. I can assist you in your breathing challenges or to just feel more alive and present in your life! Email: mcarrara64 hotmail.

Profile: What I enjoy most in my life is to promote inspiration, change and transformation in my friends, colleagues, children, friends, beloved, clients. Transformational Breath is a powerful catalyst for people's evolution and personal and professional growth. I love to practice Transformational Breath on my clients: it enables to continuosly grow and enrich your life and awareness with a powerful composition of techniques harmonizing the body-system level, up to the spiritual one. Email: darryn darrynsilver. The balancing of your left and right brains will enhance living creatively with balanced well-being and a desired delightful perspective for one's life.

Email: livemurdoch gmail. Joe Dispenza; Singer, Sound Healer. Email: awake gmail. Business Website s : awake New Mexico Map. Email: ed. Email: db tscj. Centered near Taos, but one may arrange elsewhere in New Mexico with advance notice. New York Map.

Julie: The Courage to Breathe

Email: PatriciaAlessi aol. Profile: Patti Alessi is a Transformational Breath trainer and facilitator with twenty five years experience in natural healing. She intuitively helps each client open and integrate the breath into patterns for optimum living. Patti has devoted her life to sharing the power of the breath with others. Email: clairefranck gmail.

I love supporting others in their well-being. Email: wildrootsamy gmail. Business Website s : growwildroots. Email: laraine larainegordon. Learning the breathwork is essential to improving health on an emotional spiritual and physical level. This self-healing technique is taught to the individual to be used as a tool for a lifetime. Having worked for the last twenty years in the health services field, Ms.

Gordon has extensive experience working hands on with people and helping them release unwanted stress and obstacles to living a fuller life with clarity and focus. Email: sgubelin1 roadrunner. As a masseuse, I often see how people will present with the same conditions over and over again because nothing has changed in their lives, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

Transformational Breath gives us the tools to enable us to break through our internal stalemates. I look forward to continue nourishing and touching lives now through Transformational Breath. As a Facilitator, I am trained to support you in your journey, help you find the joy and freedom you have to share, and to show you how to use the tools on your own. The fact that you are checking this website shows that you are getting ready for a shift.

I look forward to meeting you. Email: jacmoss optonline. Profile: Jacqueline Moss, M. She is a certified Integral Yoga teacher and a published poet and writer. Jacqueline has had extensive experience working with young children. She is available for workshops, group and private sessions. My Company: B. Email: beingwithchristine gmail. North Carolina Map.

Daily Devotional Journal - (in)courage - A Moment to Breathe | DaySpring

I knew instantly that I would learn how to share this breathwork for health and wellness with others. My specialty is in breathwork, energywork and mindfulness. I'm always open to discuss what might be right for you. Email: karoleeschloth gmail. She discovered the world beyond the veil and has been sharing her gifts with others ever since. Recently, she was guided to move to the Asheville N C. Karolee leads retreats in the US and abroad and she travels the world wherever she is guided to go, for planetary work and self- empowerment. Currently, she is writing a book on self-empowered healing as she connects with nature, at her home, on the top of a crystal quartz mountain.

She lives with her husband, dog, and visiting children. Work Location s : Cincinnati, Ohio. Email: gaypurpura cinci. When she noticed clients holding their breath as feelings began to emerge she began to explore the breath and it's importance to clients who were not making progress. This led her to become certified in Transformational Breath in and the difference it has made for her clients is astounding.

Gay has a passion to share the breath and also the tremendous knowledge in this book. Work Location s : Entire State Oregon. Email: annijohansen19 gmail. Languages Spoken: English, Danish, Italian. Profile: Anni received her Certificate as a Transformational Breath Facilitator and Trainer in , and her Certificate in the three levels of Reiki in She has worked with the Healing Arts in Los Angeles, Palm Desert and Europe for many years, and has studied with many teachers and a few masters, from different countries.

She applies her knowledge, wisdom and intuitive guidance to help people move through their challenges, to gain inner clarity and personal power. Breath is life and energy. Without breath there is no life. The way we breathe is directly related to how we live our lives. Shallow breath, shallow life, full breath, full life.

Clear your subconscious, using the breath to open your heart to express more peace, love and joy. Breathwork is about awareness, healing, healing, and self empowerment. You will receive:. An individual breathing analysis. Correct restrictive breathing patterns. Clear physical,mental and emotional blockages and. Access higher levels of awareness. Private or group sessions available. Sarah E. Work Location s : Portland, Oregon. My Company: Honor Your Process. Emails: info honoryourprocess. I have also offered my services in classes, training seminars, and in-person and telephone sessions for individuals and groups, through various organizations far and wide.

I have also interned with Songwriting Works, an organization that brings community songwriting processes to elders many of whom suffer from dementia , and apprenticed in Shamanic Studies with Heather Cole Gatto in the state of Washington. Teaching Experience. From until my son was born in , my volunteer work in Port Townsend, WA included serving as a Process Team Member in Port Townsend EcoVillage; coaching a Special Olympics basketball team; coaching eleven local soccer and basketball teams grades K-6 with Jefferson County Parks and Recreation; and serving as Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Ravenswold a community for adults with different abilities.

Email: khooba comcast. Profile: I work both with the physical and spiritual aspects of abundance. When I was introduced to Transformational Breathwork in , I quickly felt its power and transformation for myself. I experienced the correlation between a full, more open breath and greater abundance in my life.

I am confident that if you can modify your breath to take more breath in, more abundance will come, whatever that means to you. I am truly honored to share this work and I am ready to see you bring more abundance into your life now! Pennsylvania Map. Work Location s : Entire State Pennsylvania. Rhode Island Map. Email: kdoyle gmail. Profile: In addition to being a licensed mental health therapist and Shamanistic Healer, I have received certification as an Advanced Releasment Therapist through the Wellness Institute. Email: Jane WestShoreWellness.

Emails: jodyritlmhc gmail. Transformational Breath is the modality I find that can heal the fractured soul from abuse and trauma. South Carolina Map. Email: sara LoveYourBreath. Profile: More than a decade of coaching individuals and groups engenders Sara's Transformational Breath facilitation with insight, experience, mastery, passion, compassion and purpose. That purpose is to inspire and support anyone to realize their breath as their greatest resource, experience the transformation of old patterns, and use their breath to live their life in presence and authenticity as a conscious creator.

She experiences this purpose as her calling and reaches out to practitioners in any realm of health and wellness to increase awareness of how all can enjoy greater well-being through Transformational Breath. Sara was initially trained and inspired to her calling by Dr. Judith Kravitz and Dr. Janet Orion, continually gathering knowledge and inspiration toward a wholistic perspective.

Sara covers North Carolina. Email: nicole. Tennessee Map. Work Location s : Memphis, Tennessee. Email: dcarington gmail. She currently shares time between San Antonio and Memphis. Transformational Breath helped Deborah reduce stress and gain clarity and peace in her life. Deborah is a caring and nurturing facilitator, bringing a calm relaxed energy to her sessions. Her gentle, focused manner allows clients to feel at ease and trust in the process. Email: darcia. Profile: Simply Wholistic - "Restoring Wellness from the Inside Out" Do you want to detox on the cellular level, reduce stress and have more energy?

Darcia has an app for that - Transformational Breath! She has experienced first hand the profound effects of Transformational Breath. It has allowed her to be fully present in her life, have more joy, and have a greater connection with her Creator. Darcia is a loving, empathetic, and warm facilitator. Darcia is a retired podiatrist naturopath, health minister, certified natural health practitioner, holistic wellness coach, raw and living food educator, nutritional herbologist, aspiring aromatherapist, and a tea enthusiast.

Work Location s : Entire State Texas. Email: adellebrewer gmail. Languages Spoken: English, some Spanish. She has been dancing and teaching in the field of art for over 35 years. She also leads Nia White Belt Intensives, as well as Nia FreeDance weekend experiences, designed for those who want to dive deeper in the Nia practice, as well as for those who wish to teach. She offers workshops and presentations throughout the US, Mexico, and Europe, as well as demonstrations for companies and special groups. Adelle also teaches Nia Moving to Heal with patients in pain management, women dealing with sexual trauma and eating disorders, as well as offering private instruction for those who want a more individualized experience.

Something for everyBody! Email: grace gracebryce. Profile: Grace had 20 years experience in clinical and research laboratories, prior to beginning work with natural healing arts in Transformational Breathing helped Deborah reduce stress and gain clarity and peace in her life. Email: fduncanrn yahoo. Faith also works in Lafayette, Louisiana. My Company: www. Email: Breathgoddess yahoo. Profile: Melissa Riedel has always been fascinated with the transformative and healing powers of nature, energy and movement. Trained and accomplished in dance, yoga, Tantra, hypnosis and other spiritual sciences, Melissa fell deeply in love with the transformational healing power of breathwork after delving into oxygen therapies and energy medicine at the young age of Melissa's innate passion, creativity and boundless energy, combined with her desire to help others free their mind, body, and spirit to live more empowered lives that are rich with purpose, fulfillment and authenticity.

Vermont Map. Work Location s : Brattleboro, Vermont. Email: verariley myfairpoint. Profile: Vera is an experienced and loving Facilitator. She is available for individual and group sessions. Virginia Map. Work Location s : Charlottesville, Virginia. Email: allen allenbakerhealing. Profile: Allen offers individual and group breathing sessions, in addition to workshops for those who are interested in self-transformation. With more than 30 years experience with various forms of bodywork, process work, and meditation, he is indebted to Transformational Breath for making it possible to live a life that is more joyful, more grounded, and more on purpose.

Washington Map. Work Location s : Entire State Washington. Emails: Breathenbefree gmail. He began to see that during times of ease or times of personal crisis it is always the breath that brings him back to himself. It is the breath that inspires him with the possibility of integrating past experience and connecting more powerfully with Spirit within. Since beginning with Transformational Breath he has experienced profound shifts in his own life breath and seen amazing transformation in his clients.

As a Transformational Breath Senior Trainer he is honored to share this amazing gift with anyone who is motivated to breathe fully, feel more joy, energy,connection; to experience who they are in this moment. Blake offers private sessions, group sessions and workshops In Transformational Breath.

She has been studying breath for over 30 years and has been inspired to teach spiritual and personal growth workshops over the past 15 years. This provided a beautiful foundation and comprehensive knowledge of the body for her studies of yoga, breath and massage. Kristine is inspired to support people to discover their True Nature, to heal past traumas, reframe and clear limiting believe, see into the Truth that exists within and connect deeply in Oneness.

Work Location s : Tacoma, Washington. Email: jimfbacon msn. Profile: Jim is an open channel for the healing energy of love. The gifts of his inquiry into many modalities blend together powerfully and enhance his contribution to and rewards from Transformational Breath. Having trained extensively with Dr. Judith Kravitz, he facilitates group and individual sessions. Advocating daily conscious connected breathing, as directed in Michael Brown's "Presence Process", www.

Email: lightsideup gmail. As a Certified Facilitator of Judith Kravitz's Transformational Breath, she finds that this is the foundation and key to it all and blends crystal bowls, tuning forks, love, compassion, wisdom, and intuition into everything she shares in the safe space she has created in her home for this work.

Exercise, breathing and the pelvic floor (interview with Julie Wiebe)

Workshops and private sessions are available. Work Location s : Select Counties, Washington. Email: samgm64 hotmail. Experience the benefits and application of an open, full, deep, connected breath which shifts restrictive breathing patterns and can connect us more fully with one's Higher Self. In this process hidden and unexpected dynamics operating within the system are revealed and addressed in a way that aims to find a healthy and respectful place for all members of the system in question. I especially appreciate Sharon's gentleness, and humor. I recommend anyone to her workshops!

My Company: Clear Sky Breathworks. Emails: clearskybreath gmail. He came to Transformational Breath to help cope with depression, stress, and incapacitating social anxiety. Since then, Transformational Breath has changed his life more than he ever thought possible. Dirk studied to be a poet and has worked for many years in the technology industry.

Julie: The Courage to Breathe

He brings a balance of analytical and intuitive approaches to his sessions. Work Location s : Spokane, Washington. Email: mmsmth msn. Work Location s : Seattle, Washington. Email: onsite22 gmail. Wisconsin Map. Work Location s : Entire State Wisconsin.

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Edison Ave. Email: parnee live. Madison, WI. Email: valerie invitethelighthealingcenter. Business Website s : invitethelighthealingcenter. Profile: Valerie received her training directly from Dr. She also teaches small group workshops, and offers individual sessions. In addition to this, she is also a professional leadership instructor specializing in public speaking and written communications.

She works with individuals, couples and small groups to foster permanent shifts in Consciousness that result in greater Joy, Vitality and Healthy living for everyday Life. Email: mel melpagey. Work Location s : Vienna, Austria. Email: info nuadtme. Profile: I have been a flight attendant for more than 20 years. I travelled the world, had many good experiences and wonderful adventures. I got to know many interesting people and cultures and learned amazing things about myself. But no journey is comparable to the journey I made with my own breath when I was introduced to Transformational Breath for the first time in Mexico.

The experience was so profound that I decided to become a Facilitator that same year. I am looking forward to being your "breath travel guide" and in assisting you to find your True Self. You do not need a ticket for this flight, just your own breath! Work Location s : Entire Country Austria. Emails: elisabeth vitalseele. Es ist mir eine Herzensangelegenheit, dieses Wissen um die Heilkraft des Atmens in Kursen, Workshops und Einzelsitzungen weiterzugeben.

It is my heart longing to share the wisdom of the healing power of breath in courses, workshops and one-to-one sessions. Emails: helmut vitalseele. The close borders of Germany, Southern Tyrolia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein enable a transboundery work. Email: griet. Griet offers her services in both Austria and Belgium. I came to Transformational Breath, where I discovered my true passion for the Breath. Thank you Judith Kravitz for being my teacher.

Work Location s : Opwijk, Belgium. My Company: Evi Aerts Opwijk. Email: evi ademcoach. Quickly I experienced that I could achieve quite a lot of personal and professional growth with this technique. My breath has become my best friend. A friend who guides me through difficult times, brings me peace and harmony, while at the same time allows me to live intensively, provide me the insights I really need and stimulates my creativity.

My breath has given me back so much freedom and it has enabled me to live truly who I really am. It has become part of my personal mission to guide others in finding the strength in their own breath. I am really looking forward to discover together with you what the strength of your own breath could mean for you! How do you want to live? I usually speak Flemish while guiding the sessions, but I can also speak with you in English, French, Spanish and a little German.

Work Location s : Entire Country Belgium. Email: maatje bonspirit. Profile: Hi, I am Maatje, and breathwork got me to where I am now in my life: feeling myself, knowing my deepest gifts, pitfalls and purpose in life and being able to create my individual responses to living. I love walking my path next to other people's path who love to investigate their life. As a trainer and coach in commercial organizations I facilitate trans- personal growth for individuals and teams.

Besides systemic work with horses, NLP and emotional work, Transformational Breath takes a vast and fundamental role in aligning the soul with the body, mind and heart. I work with groups of different sizes and with individuals. Without Transformational Breath, my own growth as a human being would never have been at the stage of peace and 'joy de vivre' I experience everyday. You are always welcome to join paths. Work Location s : Mechelen, Belgium. Email: mailto:sarabusselen gmail. Profile: To me Transformational Breath is the most powerful tool to connect people with their true self, their core.

That enables us to live the lives we really want. And that is the greatest gift of all! Transformational Breath has brought me the courage and insights that were necessary on all levels to transform the life I lived into a the one I longed for. This is the experience I want to share with everyone that is open to it. Are you? Also available in The Netherlands. Work Location s : Sint-Truiden, Belgium.

My Company: Adcomi Life Coaching. Email: info adcomi. Profile: Mieke is a Transformational Breath Trainer. Through Transformational Breath, my life has changed. I help children and adults with Transformational Breath. I'm a schoolteaher and I will above all breathe with children. I am also a Reiki Master.

My Company: Based in Fossebaan 74, Ternat. Email: derveaux. Profile: I am grateful to experience the miraculous power of the breath. I've found Transformational Breath has given me so much good in my life and in my relations with others. Transformational Breath allows me to better manage my activities with my family, and as a teacher in school and as a trainer-coach in youth volleyball. My mission is to introduce Transformational Breath at school and in sports. Anyone wanting to know more about and experience Transformational Breath is welcome! Work Location s : Breendonk, Belgium. Profile: I am a medical doctor and had 22 years practice as a general doctor.

I received trainings in relaxation techniques, in acupuncture, and in palliative care. I did the Facilitator training in the Netherlands in Autumn and my Teacher training in Summer and received my certification as a Facilitator that same summer. Work Location s : Bruxelles, Belgium. Email: marieanne inspiretavie. Profile: I am passionate about working with Transformational Breath and I share this experience with others during individual sessions and workshops. I work and give conferences in Belgium and France. I'll act as a guide for any person who wants to contact his or her fundamental essence while respecting this person's own rhythm of evolution.

My background is scientific and I am a trained teacher. I use biological decoding taught by Claude Sabbah and Shamballa in addition to Transformational Breath. I was trained and certified in Transformational Breath by Judith Kravitz herself. I have taught Transformational Breath since Je pratique la respiration T. Email: marcel themystic. Profile: I am sharing the power of Transformational Breath since It is my mission to share the amazing results with anyone who is interested in the fantastic healing effects of this method. Please contact me for individual sessions, workshops and trainings.

Also available in the Netherlands. Emails: deniz. Profile: I met with Transformational Breath, in , and my life changed. I was going through serious physical challanges when I met Transformational Breath. I had already been operated three times. When I had the same issue coming up for the forth time, I finally realised this is not something I can simply get "cut out and removed from me"; as long as I kept feeding it from inside, it would continue growing in me and keep coming back. I am so happy to say, since I started with Transformational Breath, I never had a "come back" again… That may sound like a miracle to many people, but since I started with Transformational Breath, I am experiencing my miracles everyday in my life.

I am so happy and grateful that Transformational Breath came on my way, and I met Judith, who has been such an immense source of love and joy and support. Deniz is an Industrial Engineer who worked for many multinational companies in four different continents. After the birth of her first son and having some health issues, she had to pause her career as a management consultant. In the meantime she met Transformational Breath, and as she describes above, her life changed. All required fields must be filled out for us to be able to process your form.

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She was right. Her lungs functions had dropped to even lower levels and doctors were unsure of what to do next. For the first time in our marriage, I saw my wife using oxygen. My Julie's lungs were dying. As the days passed, I would witness her health decline further.

As Julie lay motionless throughout the night, I would hold her as we listened to the steady, unrelenting grind of her feeding tube pump. On this hospitalization, the words: End Stage Cystic Fibrosis were spoken for the first time. A double lung transplant would be the only way to save her life.

If we could keep her alive long enough, she could walk out of the hospital on her own. She would have to rely on her courage to breathe to do it. Add to Cart. Lulu Sales Rank: Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. By Stephanie Wenther. Hard to write a review for such a heartbreaking story!