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Anyone who meets the basic criteria e. Jason described that there are currently 35 ACT Trainers on our list, the committee has streamlined the peer review process, and the committee is excited to review additional applications! And what does it mean to be considered an ACT Trainer?

Governing Hong Kong: the poisoned chalice of politics

Using their heads and following their hearts, the ACBS board made a decision to move away from set dues and toward values-based dues a few years ago; a bit of a risky proposition in a professional society. So, potential members and renewing members are allowed to determine themselves the amount of money they feel is befitting the importance of ACBS. While the board emphasized continuing to grow our membership, values-based dues appear to be a success!

Some energetic folks in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and representatives from the University of Nevada, Reno submitted proposals to the board to host the World Conference. Jennifer Boulanger, graduate student from the University of Nevada, Reno UNR , made a formal presentation to the board, citing the fact that UNR has several new and extremely useful facilities on campus as well as a dedicated group of students ready and willing to support the Executive Director in planning the conference.

After her presentation, Jennifer Boulanger left the room and the board discussed the comparative merits of the two proposals. The discussion included the importance of the fact that each year the conference becomes more and more involved and requires additional careful planning.

The board agreed unanimously that the well-thought-out proposal from Reno was most convincing that both the location and available support were adequate for our growing attendance at the conferences.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: Who has an inherited risk?

In case you had the reaction, Reno? Why Reno again? Also important to the discussion was the planning of the conference. The board agreed that appointing a Program Chair and sub-committee was a vital step in ensuring both a wide-ranging and balanced program to meet the needs of folks who are new to the work as well as veteran attendees. Jason Luoma, Ph. There will continue to be discussions on the board about themes and ways of developing both an exciting program that encompasses all relevant and upcoming areas of interest as we head into another conference year.

Planning ahead was also an important theme, in that doing so will allow the program chair and committee to invite cutting-edge and well-respected fellow traveler keynote speakers and presenters to diversify the program content. A discussion about the format of the conferences led to a renaming of the conferences. Also, the importance of keeping ties to both basic behavior analysis and RFT prominent in the conferences lead to a discussion of ensuring that research as well as workshops be presented at the conference each year rather than focus on one or the other as has previously been done.

The process is not a simple one, and coming to a consensus about the best way to enact our values as a society can be challenging.

The 14 Universal Laws That Govern Life On Earth! (Revised)

It was a collegial process, serious but fun, and while sometimes characterized by spirited discussion about how best to enact these values, in the end, the board always returned to one important stance: this society values growing and changing to meet the needs of its members and the people its members serve. My job is simple: stay on top of recent happenings in the work, edit and update the website, and help make our site more user-friendly.

Your job? As Steve mentioned in his out-going presidential address at WorldCon, this site has always been intended to be Wiki — or editable by the members themselves. Plus, as you all update the site with exciting happenings, publications, news items, books, or other events, posts can sometimes use a little sprucing up or re-allocation to a place where the content makes more sense. This is in essence where I come in. A side note about my position in the interest of full disclosure here as well : I will be paid as an hourly employee with a basic health insurance plan through my university covered by ACBS , and I will work hard and remain accountable to the board throughout my time working for ACBS.

Serving this community to the best of my ability is one of my most important values. I have just started in this position and the process of editing, updating, and making the site more user-friendly will take time so be patient and check back frequently. Please email me at jcplumb gmail.

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On behalf of the ACBS community, I ask for your patience, but also your inspiration in making this site an exciting, useful, and cutting-edge resource — using your head, heart and hands. Official website of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. This website uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, personalize content, and analyze site traffic. To learn more about our policies and how we use cookies please read our Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies.

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Table of Contents. Related Content. Picturing America Photography and the Sense of Place.

Governing Hong Kong: the poisoned chalice of politics - Reuters

Picturing America: Photography and the Sense of Place argues that photography is a prevalent practice of making American places. Its collected essays epitomize not only how pictures situate us in a specific place, but also how they create a sense of such mutable place-worlds. Understanding photographs as prime sites of knowledge production and advocates of socio-political transformations, a transnational set of scholars reveals how images enact both our perception and conception of American environments.

They investigate the power photography yields in shaping our ideas of self, nation, and empire, of private and public space, through urban, landscape, wasteland and portrait photography. The volume radically reconfigures how pictures alter the development of American places in the past, present, and future.

Photography and the Sense of Place

Chauvet — like many free-minded women of the Caribbean and the African diaspora — was banned from the public sphere, leaving her work largely ignored for decades. Author of Haiti: The Aftershocks of History This collection draws necessary critical attention to how theatre and performance animate the work of a key figure in Caribbean fiction and drama. Beat Literature in a Divided Europe.

Topic Overview

Beat Literature in Europe offers twelve in-depth analyses of how European authors and intellectuals on both sides of the Iron Curtain read, translated and appropriated American Beat literature. The chapters combine textual analysis with discussions on the role Beat had in popular music, art, and different subcultures. The book participates in the transnational turn that has gained in importance during the past years in literary studies, looking at transatlantic connections through the eyes of European authors, artists and intellectuals, and showing how Beat became a cluster of texts, images, and discussions with global scope.

At the same time, it provides vivid examples of how national literary fields in Europe evolved during the cold war era. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement.