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As a young writer myself, I remained thrilled by the whole thing, and continued to root for JT Leroy, who in my view had turned out to be the best storyteller of my generation. I spoke with Knoop after the L. How did life change after the hoax was discovered?

What happened over the next few months?

Girl Boy Girl: How I became JT Leroy

I had a small, independent clothing line which kept me really busy. I just put my head down and worked.

Did you have a community? I was in too deep of a web to really have a community. But I eventually moved to New York. All you do is show up. But if you think about it 90 percent of life is showing up!

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I love how a lot of the lines of dialogue have many meanings. What is the law that was broken here? In a public platform it all had so much to do with context: what is the difference between praying and talking to yourself in public, what is the difference between performing a self and lying? What do you owe to the public? That logic is confusing to me. Courtney Love, who in real life, spent hours on the phone with JT, Laura Albert, and hung out with you in real life, is in the movie. An amazing composite character,.

How did that come to be? I thought the casting of Kristen Stewart in the film was ingenious because she too has played so many roles. And her own sort of transformation in the public eye, going from Twilight ingenue to lesbian heartthrob. What insights did she bring to the role? One of the most illuminating parts for me was to see Kristen play both JT and Savannah, and that they feel very disparate — like two very different people. I kind of stopped knowing who I was after so many years.

We became knit together. How on Earth did Albert get away with this? JT LeRoy certainly dramatizes what for Albert was the bitterest irony: that her artistic triumph would also be a confirmation of her own unattractiveness, as she has to watch — like Cyrano de Bergerac — her comely alter-ego take her place in the physical world, the door shutting in her own face.

It just feels… marginal. The great JT Leroy movie would have this perspective but so much more. Already a subscriber?

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Log in or link your magazine subscription. About the Author : Savannah Knoop is a New York-based artist who creates and employs strategies of permission through writing, performance, and object-making.

Girl Boy Girl: Savannah faces the Italian press as JT LeRoy

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