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The BCT will not be constrained in this way. Future commanders will develop the situation before making contact, maneuver to positions of advantage largely out of contact, and, when ready, initiate decisive action with initia- tive, speed, and agility. It is the primary focal point for management and analysis of information pulled from the full spectrum of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance ISR resources.

The MI unit has available to it ISR assets that are either organic effec- tively owned and operated by the unit or nonorganic loaned to them for temporary use by sister or higher echelon units. The reliance on these two classes of assets changes over the course of an engagement, as illustrated in Figure B Three Phases of the Scenario This scenario develops vignettes occurring during three phases of the scenario: 1. These vignettes are scaled back to depict only one BCT employed in combat operations.

In this scenario, the BCT will conduct tactical opera- tions in three distinct phases. This is a fundamental change in current approaches to deploying forces to theaters of operation. The future intent is also for intelligence already available from national and theater assets, as well as information on friendly forces, weather, and geospatial products provided through the global infor- mation grid, routed through the combat information centers, to be pushed directly to the BCT, allowing the commanders to do planning and rehearsals en route. Transition operations: Until recently, the operational significance of transition operations was underestimated.

Mastering transitions is key to winning decisively. Army white paper, Concepts for the Objective Force, [quoted in U.

The Rules of Scale and Shape

The transition from securing the FOB to the movement to contact at Baku will provide the enemy th Brigade with time and space to recover and attempt to exploit BCT vulnerabilities. The BCT will plan and rehearse carefully to eliminate these dangerous transition areas. Because of its ability to keep situational understanding during a tactical operation, the BCT can transition immediately and aggres- sively to movement to contact. The BCT will initiate a series of deliberate attacks against a moving enemy under hasty conditions.

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Such an operation is graphically depicted in Figure B The enemy th Brigade will marshal all the resources available in the locale and use every means possible to disrupt, attrite, and destroy elements of the BCT. Hasty and deliberate attacks resembling cold war maneuvers, crowds laced with suicide bombers, attacks by fire, mines, and improvised explosive devices will be used by the enemy at every possible opportunity.

It will have made some preparation for MUO during the movement to contact and transition phases, but the less built-up areas encountered en route to Baku will bear very little resemblance to Baku itself. Baku is a third-world city of 2 million composed of massed and heavy- clad framed buildings, which are dispersed in circular street patterns.

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Cur- rently, the enemy is occupying company strong point defenses within the city, and they have activated terrorist cells and other paramilitary units to control critical areas. Insurgent clans and terrorists will move to reinforce elements of the enemy th Brigade. Small unit effectiveness and empowered leadership are critical to the success of these operations. Close urban assault has a significant dismounted character, requiring a robust infantry capability to engage and sustain the urban fight.

Tar- get acquisition and engagement is difficult in the close confines of the urban environment. Army, , pp. References Haithcock, J. Networked fires. Washington, DC: U. Army Training and Doctrine Command.

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Department of Defense. Quadrennial defense review report. Washington, DC: Author. Today's military missions have shifted away from fighting nation states using conventional weapons toward combating insurgents and terrorist networks in a battlespace in which the attitudes and behaviors of civilian noncombatants may be the primary effects of military actions.

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To support these new missions, the military services are increasingly interested in using models of the behavior of humans, as individuals and in groups of various kinds and sizes. The snobbery has been smashed by many, with stemware swapped out for tumblers, and makers, writers and servers alike assuring us that it is just a drink after all. Which is fine. But wine has such mystique because it has so much more to give. The best sommeliers are able to transfer their knowledge without recourse to the raft of technical exotica in their heads.

That is to say wine always made me feel socially uncomfortable. Grapes grow wild along the roadside and are only for foraging to eat as a treat. A basket press?

That must be from the laundry. Although I never tasted it, I was in awe of the gold foil and exotic-sounding German words.

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At age 13, having no interest in wine, I decided to make a little money by selling the dusty bottles to the older kids up the road. I did, however, help myself to some Coca-Cola, late s vintage an excellent year, showing buttery hints of barnyard caramel. As I said earlier, wine has its own class system: most restaurants survive off wine sales, but most cooks will never get to taste those wines.

Jane Lopes came into my life at just the right moment. Boy, did Jane have her work cut out with me — she must have thought I needed therapy with my wine issues! Jane and I agreed that the whole natural wine thing was a bit misleading, and we bonded over our opinion that bone-dry Aussie Rieslings can be pretty darn rough, preferring a little residual sugar in those wines now who sounds like a wine snob?